Delta V12S Replica


Delta V12S Replica


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Product Details:
The Delta V12S Replica is the affordable version of the Delta V12S. Mitre's special 12-panel construction delivers true flight whether it is straight or curled shooting. The hand-stitched match ball features Delta's trademark grain emboss, providing good grip and control in any weather.

Other features of the Delta V12S Replica:

  • Leather grain surface for lively response and great control 
  • Engineered synthetic bladder for superior air retention and minimal maintenance
  • 4-ply lining for great cushioning

Suitable for:
Semi-Professional clubs / Weekend Warriors / Amateur teams

Shipping Charges:

  • Free delivery for orders over S$50
  • S$3 delivery charge for orders up to S$19.90
  • S$6 delivery charge for orders between S$20 to S$49.90