Buying the right football

Despite all the high quality football boots and jerseys produced in recent years, the football remains the most essential piece of equipment in the game; you can never play the game without a football. Professional players and coaches may know the difference of each football and the reasons as to why there is such a huge price range.

But for the parents and teachers out there who are not specialists in football, that may be your biggest question. Do I get the cheapest football? What size of football should I get? And the questions goes on...Yes, we do pay a lot of attention to the rubber bag of air that gets kicked around by twenty two people.

To get those questions answered, we've listed down the articles we have posted in the past which should help you with your purchase decision:

  1. Buying the right football
  2. How do footballs become approved by FIFA?
  3. The ball got ripped!
  4. The grass, the astro and the hard court