What's new about the new S.League replica football?

In the 2016 season, the Delta Match Hyperseam (Delta Match) football was introduced as the replica of the Delta Hyperseam (Delta); our top grade professional football. The former does not bare any grading logos although it has been well received by customers so far. 
This year, we have decided to introduce the Ultimatch Hyperseam (Ultimatch) football as the replica of the 2017 Official S.League Match Ball. 
So why are we writing a post for this? 
If you noticed the picture above, the football in focus, which is the Ultimatch football, features an 'IMS' logo. 'IMS', or 'International Match Standard' grade, is another qualification level which is less demanding then of the FIFA Quality Pro and FIFA Quality grades. 
Unlike the FIFA Quality Pro (seven tests) and FIFA Quailty (six tests) which can only be awarded by a neutral testing institute in Switzerland, the IMS grade can be attained from any of the seven European test institutes commissioned by FIFA. Footballs sent to attain the IMS grade are free of any royalty fees. 
The FIFA Quality and IMS grades are essentially the same thing, except that because of the royalty fees involved, the IMS grade is something like an unlicensed version of the former. 
Now that we have explained the difference in technical grading, here is the other feature that sets the Ultimatch apart from the Delta Match
Unlike the PU surface of the Delta Match, the Ultimatch features a textured surface, almost similar to the top grade Delta football. This allows the player to have optimum control over the football, enhancing the game experience. 
And that is it for this blog post! We hope the information will be of help when you purchase your S.League football!
The S.League 2017 Ultimatch Hyperseam is now available for order here.

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