The SPL Ultimatch Max

Meet the new SPL Ultimatch Max.

Just like the 2017 S.League season, we have decided to adopt the Ultimatch football for this year's Singapore Premier League replica. But instead of adopting the IMS football, we have decided to go a step further by selecting the Ultimatch Max football; which has FIFA Quality grading; as the 2018 SPL replica.

So read on to find out the similarities and differences! 

What remains the same?

Despite being a FIFA Quality football (which was supposed to be more pricey), we managed to keep the price for the SPL Ultimatch Max at S$39.90. We did this to ensure that a good football will not be too expensive for anyone who wants to own one! 

Surface texture:
The SPL Ultimatch Max also retains the textured surface, which has so far been a very popular feature among our customers. 

The Hyperseam technology is a Mitre trademark, and will be featured on all mid grade and above footballs. The S.League Ultimatch 2017 featured Hyperseam construction, so does the new SPL Ultimatch Max.

What are the differences?

This time round, the SPL replica is of FIFA Quality grade unlike last year's Ultimatch which was of IMS grade. As mentioned above, despite a step up in the grading, we have managed to keep the ball at the same price.

Panel Construction
The S.League Ultimatch 2017 was of 12-panel construction. The new SPL Ultimatch Max features a new 20-panel construction. 

You call it the replica, but why does it look slightly different?
Mitre does have a replica ball model that looks exactly like the offiicial match ball. But we opted not to select it because the ball is being priced at S$39.90 and is not as good as the Ultimatch ball range. 

We believe that the S$39.90 range is crucial to gaining customer confidence, as it will be the football that most people will purchase or come across during games. In addition, the Ultimatch range has always been Mitre's most popular match football. 

Therefore, despite the Ultimatch Max looking a bit different, we chose to select it as the SPL replica in order to allow our customers to own a good football without having to break the bank. 

The SPL Ultimatch Max is now available. 

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