Tactic, the misunderstood ball.

Tactic, the misunderstood ball.

With such a wide range of footballs available, it is only normal for each of them to have very different features. Afterall, how each ball is made is heavily related to the purpose it has been made for. 

Today, we want to talk about one of our footballs, which has so far been misunderstood by many. The Tactic training ball. So read on as we address several of the known misunderstandings and feedback that we received from our customers.

The surface material
Made with the purpose of being used strictly as a training football, the Tactic features a hard rubber laminate surface. Due to the rubber laminate, the surface will give off a slightly grippy or 'powdery' feel. Most people will think that it is faulty, but really, this is how it is being made. But don't worry, the 'powdery' feel doesn't stay for long.

The ball burst
The one and only way a ball will burst is when you over-pump it. Each model of football has different air pressure thresholds, and in the case of the Tactic, the air pressure levels should be between 7-10 PSI. Do be cautious if you are using a heavy duty electronic air pump as it will tend to inflate the ball much quicker, which has been the main reason behind several incidents of the ball bursting. To be safe, we recommend that you keep an air pressure gauge by your side when pumping up the balls.

There was once where we received a burst mini ball (which had an air pressure tolerance of 8 PSI and upon injecting the air pressure gauge, the reading shows....12. You get the idea.

It couldn't last a half for our game
We touched on a similar topic earlier on and while such cases have become rarer, we feel that it is important to re-emphasize on this. The Tactic is made for training not for weekend league games. It is a ball you can get if your intention is to use it for your junior or school teams training. If you want something for your weekend league games, it is advisable to get a proper match ball. It is important to note that even for junior competitions, a match ball is used instead of a training ball.

Poor air retention
On average, an inactive ball will have an air retention period about one to two weeks. Unlike our Hyperseam range which has a much longer air retention period. If you use the ball everyday, it is only normal that the air retention level decreases. Most importantly, the Tactic is a training ball so it will definitely not have the same features as a FIFA Quality or FIFA Quality Pro football.

We may or may not have answered all the questions, but if you do have any, just leave a comment below or send us a message via the feedback page. Our technically obsessed representative will be more than happy to provide some answers.

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