Same but different

Some of you may think that this is just the same ball but with a different coat of colour. Well, that is not totally right, but not totally wrong too. Confused? So what is the difference between the Delta Fluo Hyperseam (Delta Fluo) and the Delta V12S (V12S)? 
We start with what are the same features. Both balls have a 12-panel construction. Both balls have the same design. Both balls are FIFA Quality Pro (duh!). 
Still with us? Good. Now read on to find out what the differences are!
The Delta Fluo has a textured surface which improves the player's grip on the ball regardless of the weather condition. The V12S on the other hand, sports a soft-touch Clarino microfibre surface, which, while helps retain shape and performance weight in any weather, will be slightly disadvantaged for the grip as compared to the Delta Fluo .
The most important difference though, is that the Delta Fluo features the Hyperseam technology while the V12S is a traditional hand-stitched ball. 
In terms of in-game experience, both balls should deliver the same performance quality. But because of the Hyperseam technology, the Delta Fluo performs better than the V12S when comparing the water-uptake and air retention rate. 
Because of that, the Delta Fluo requires lesser maintenance as compared to the V12S. 
So there we have it, the difference between the two balls! Hope this clears up any doubts for you!

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