S.League Delta Hyperseam 2017

The 2017 S.League season will see a new colourway introduced to the Delta Hyperseam Official Match Ball.

Retaining the Delta V12S disruptive design with its white colour base, the Delta Hyperseam 2017 graphic will comprise of colours inspired from the S.League and FAS corporate logos.  

From a technical viewpoint, the Delta Hyperseam 2017 is the same as the 2016 official match ball which will still feature Mitre's unique 12-panel construction as well as Mitre's Hyperseam technology. 

 The football's textured surface, which was popular among players will also be retained as one of the Delta Hyperseam 2017's feature. 

The new S.League Delta Hyperseam 2017 is available for pre-order here.

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