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The FIFA Quality Programme for Footballs is a test programme for outdoor, futsal and beach soccer balls. Manufacturers can enter into a licensing agreement to use the prestigious FIFA QUALITY PRO and FIFA QUALITY marks on footballs that have passed a rigorous testing procedure.

The FIFA Quality Programme tests are used to assess footballs under laboratory conditions, subjecting them to even tougher conditions than they will probably ever endure during a normal game. Only balls that pass these tests receive one of the FIFA quality marks: FIFA QUALITY or the even higher standard, FIFA QUALITY PRO.

Everyone – from the world’s most famous professionals to schoolchildren having a kick-around at playtime – can ensure that they have a top-quality football by looking for the FIFA marks the next time they buy a ball. 

How does a ball receive the FIFA marks?

A ball must successfully pass the seven tests described in detail on this website to earn the FIFA QUALITY mark. The tests check the ball’s weight, circumference, roundness, bounce, water absorption, loss of pressure and shape and size retention.

To gain the top FIFA QUALITY PRO mark, a ball must pass these seven tests under even more demanding conditions.

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