Giochiamo a Calcio!

Giochiamo a Calcio!

Ama il Calcio? Giochiamo!

In case you were wondering, the above line actually means 'Love football? Let's play!'

Calcio, Italian for Football is the name of our new training ball. Retaining the durability of the original ball, the new Calcio Hyperseam is a huge improvement from our previous models of training footballs (Malmo and Tactic).

Keeping up with the trend of having good cushioning, the Calcio features a foam backing which allows for more comfort and control. It also features a reinforced bladder for low maintenance. 

Coupled with the Hyperseam technology, school teams and junior academies can now worry less about having to pump the ball up every week. 

The new Calcio Hyperseam is highly recommended for schools, junior/youth academies or anyone that is looking for an affordable ball of high value for the young aspiring footballer. The Fluo coloured Calcio is also available in both sizes 4 and 5.

P.S. If you are an adult looking for a football for your team and leagues, please do not purchase the Calcio Hyperseam. Match footballs will be more suitable for your needs,

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