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Despite all the high quality football boots and jerseys produced in recent years, the football remains the most essential piece of equipment in the game; you can never play the game without a football. Professional players and coaches may know the difference of each football and the reasons as to why there is such a huge price range. But for the parents and teachers out there who are not specialists in football, that may be your biggest question. 

At Mitre Singapore, we carry an entire range of footballs, from Training Footballs to Match Footballs and finally the Professional Footballs.The price will range from S$19.90 to S$189.90. So which is the football that you would need to get? 

Size one Mini Ace footballs

1) Football sizes
There are a total of four different sizes of a football.

  • Size one footballs are most suited for very young children who are just being introduced to their first football. The size one footballs are most commonly bought as gifts as well. Size one balls are sometimes also used as skill balls to sharpen players skills and techniques.
  • Size three footballs are used for junior level players below the age of 10. It is most widely used in schools or academies. 
  • Size four footballs are used for players between 11 to 12 years old. 
  • Size five footballs, the standard size balls are used for players from 13 years old onward

Calcio training football

2) Training Footballs
Made to be suitable for training use on most surfaces, the training footballs can be used for mainly young players. The three different types of training balls available on our store are the Tactic, Calcio and the Futsal Tempest. It is important to note that training footballs like the Tactic and Calcio are more suited for junior and youth teams. If your intention is to get a football for your weekend warriors games, a Match Football, which we will introduce next, will be the ideal option! 

Manto Hyperseam match football

3) Match Footballs
A level below the professional footballs, the match footballs are still good enough to be used for school games, academies, grassroots tournaments and social/weekend tournaments. Usually based off the design of a top of the line Mitre football, the match football will have a slightly different outer construction and material. Click here for the whole range of available match footballs. Some match balls which are FIFA Quality may cost slightly more than those that are not. It will be good to note that due to marketing strategies applied by various brands, footballs of these range are often labeled as 'Training Footballs', which is not exactly a proper term as professional clubs do not use a different football for training. 

Delta Hyperseam

4) Professional Footballs
The top of the line footballs that are used for all top level leagues in the world. Professional footballs have to be FIFA Quality Pro; meaning being inspected, vigorously tested and proven to have met the standard of the international governing body of football, FIFA. Mitre's top of the line footballs are currently being used as the Official Match Balls of the English Football League (Championship to Conference division), Scottish Professional Football League (All divisions), The Welsh Premier League, Russian Cup and Professional Futsal League. 

There has been some misconception about professional clubs using a lower end football for training, but it would be good to note that this has never been the case. All professional clubs in the world uses the same professional match football for their games as well as trainings.

Professional footballs usually cost between S$80.00 to S$129.90 or more. The Delta Hyperseam is currently the top quality football available, followed by the iconic Promax. Mitre's top Futsal football is the Pro Futsal Hyperseam, which will be used as the Official Match Ball for the upcoming Professional Futsal League in the United States of America.

Pro Futsal Hyperseam

Differences between a Futsal ball and a regular football
Futsal footballs are smaller, at size four, but usually have a similar weight to the standard size five footballs. Futsal footballs are low-bounce and are made specifically for futsal play, which are usually played on hard surfaces. As listed above, the Pro Futsal Hyperseam is Mitre's current top of the line futsal football.

In a nutshell, always be sure that you are getting the correct football for your usage so that your game experience will be optimized. Hope this guide helps! 

If there are still questions lingering in your mind, just hop over to our Facebook page and drop us a message there! We will do our best to provide a prompt response! 

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