The grass, the astro and the hard court.

There are bound to be times when we urgently need a football, and we would just grab any affordable ones off the shelf. We seldom care whether a football can be used on grass, astro or hard ground. 

Perhaps we should start keeping that in mind everytime we go shopping for a football....otherwise we would be wondering why the footballs don't last long enough! 

So with that, we are putting up this post with the necessary information, with images of course!

1. Grass ONLY













As shown in the image, Professional Quality footballs are mostly meant for play on grass pitches. 

2. Grass & Astro













Produced mainly with junior and youth academies in mind, the Malmo training ball is suitable for both grass and astro surfaces. And if you need a football for use on street soccer or futsal courts...

3. Indoor/Street/Hard Ground

The Futsal Global (left) or Street Soccer (right) will do the job. Keep in mind though, that the Futsal Global is a size 4 football with reduced bounce, like all other futsal balls. The Street Soccer ball which is suitable for all surfaces is also ideal for freestylers as well! Of course, if these footballs are strong enough to handle games on the hard court, they can be used on indoor astro turf pitches too.

4. Astro ONLY

And then there are footballs which are suitable for only astro turfs. 

Getting a correct football not only help to enhance your match experience, but also help make sure that the football will be able to last as long as possible. So do keep a lookout for all the above markings when you are buying one!



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