Ultimax review

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Crafted from 26 microfiber panels and equipped with a 4-way balanced lining system, the Mitre Utimax is the perfect FIFA Approved football for club or professional play.

Tech Specs

  • Crafted from 26-microfibre panels
  • FIFA Approved professional match ball
  • 4-way balanced lining system for lifetime shape control
  • First football ever recorded exceeding the 100 mph mark
  • Best for use on Grass and Astro

The Mitre Ultimax is an outstanding FIFA Approved football. It’s a bit heavier than other footballs, but you get used to it almost instantly.

The microfiber material is slick and smooth off the bat but gets grippier after some play. The stitching is mostly hidden so it’s hard to rip or ruin it. The Ultimax has a very good flight pattern while in the air and has great air retention.

While using this ball I always felt like my shots were driven into the goal very well and that every one of my shots was very precise and clean. If you are a big shooter and love to rip the ball into the net with a nice clean strike, I totally recommend getting the Mitre Ultimax as this ball will not disapppoint.

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