Hyperseam footballs now available!

The long awaited Hyperseam footballs are now available in store! 

What exactly is a Hyperseam football, you may ask. Is it hand-stitched? Or is it just thermal bonded? Or is it both? 

Yes, it is both. With a football that is created using the Hyperseam technology, you get to enjoy the best of both worlds. The power and accuracy of a traditionally stitched ball, AND, the control and consistency of a bonded seam. Refer to the graphic after the jump for a better idea!

So let us introduce the three footballs we have right now which feature the Hyperseam technology:

First of, the Manto V12S Hyperseam:

The Manto V12S Hyperseam is a FIFA Quality match football, best suited for weekend warriors or semi-pro matches. constructed with tough under glass PU with 4.5mm soft foam lining which makes the ball very comfortable to control, but at the same time, increasing the abrasion resistance. If you need to get a new FIFA Quality match ball for your team, the Manto V12S Hyperseam will be of the best value.

Secondly, the Astro Division Hyperseam:

The Astro Division Hyperseam is a size 4 match ball, which, as its name implies, is specially designed for use on astro turfs. The 32-panel ball is designed to be a season-long performer with lower air pressures and foam backing for enhanced control. This ball is most ideal for primary school teams or junior academies. And of course, futsal games which are played on turf. 

Lastly, the top of the line Delta Hyperseam and Promax Hyperseam:
Delta HyperseamDelta Hyperseam

Promax Hyperseam

Constructed with textured surface combined with Mitre's unique 12 panel construction, the Delta Hyperseam and Promax Hyperseam allows optimum aerodynamic control for games at the highest professional level. Featuring the Hyperseam Technology, the new Hyperseam match balls are able to have zero water update and performs consistently in both wet and dry conditions.
The Delta Hyperseam is currently the Official Match Ball if the 2016 S.League while the Promax Hyperseam serves as the Official Match Ball of the 2016 National Football League and Island Wide League.
The Delta Hyperseam is available exclusively at Weston Corporation. 

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